Just Give Up

While breathwork seems to be this mysterious, ancient mystical practice that conjures thoughts of stars burning alight in the night, people dancing in weird outfits with goats horns on their head – around a burning man style bonfire… It is actually far from that and my experience is that is simply the most amazing thing that I have ever done in my life.

Breathwork is all about calming the “inner tone” or your Central Nervous System. This is (mostly) because we live in an urban-environment that overloads our senses. The lights, the sounds, the smells and the constant changes in temperature creates a “sick” body. This is due to you heart beating faster, your taking shallow breaths and your blood being focused on your skin and not your major organs. Your heart has a healing mechanism that can only be engaged through focusing on your breath and there is no other healing modality that breaachieves this at the rapid rate Breathwork Therapy.

When we breathe effectively, we can engage our “healing mechanism”. This mechanism is made of many and varied physiological components, such as our major organs, our autonomic nervous system but here is the exciting thing – our heart thinks. That’s right scientists have discovered that our hearts think and there is this web called the enteric nervous system that sits in our gastro area and thousands of thousands more synapses then our brain and so when we say feel with your heart – it is actually true. And there are actually string on our heart that hold the heart in place so when we say he died of a broken heart or stop pulling on my heart strings… well they are real too.

Anyway my point here is that buddha said the stages of the spiritual path are mindfulness, consciousness and then enlightenment. Breathwork gives you all of these and it creates this powerful, strong, confident, loving and caring person. I no longer suffer with negative thoughts and I now control my mind, I decide what thoughts I have and I have trained my brain to support me in what we are attempting to do.

Start now just lay back, close your breath and just feel yourself breathing… feel the air come into your nose or mouth, feel it flow down into your lungs, feel your chest expand and then feel it rise out of your body and release into the atmosphere… If you start to think, refocus back onto your breath… you actually know when your not focusing because you are thinking.. the concept is that when you focus on your breath your brain cannot also think – as it is observing…

I don’t know you might be happy being angry, negative, nervous, sad, anxious or just putting up with alcoholism, drugs or self abuse… so you may as well just give up now…

But somehow I doubt you will!


Breathe – Believe – Become



Breathercises and Breath Exercising

Breathercises are simply breath exercises that can be used to address anxiety & depression or aid with running, swimming and yoga. They are used to improve general healing and general wellbeing and some include 1) Witnessing, 2) Exhalation, 3) Squeezing, 4) Relaxing, 5) Stimulating, 6) universal, 7) Nostril but there are so many other styles.

The breathercises I speak about were learned from a Dr. Andrew Wiel (Doctor and Naturapath) and you can study his techniques at http://www.drweil.com – He is a highly intelligent man who has the same philosophy, as me that relates to the need to integrate both western and eastern healing techniques and create a new global practice.

Trouble Sleeping then try a Relaxing Breathercise (468)

The tongue must be in the “Yogic Position” and this is when you touch the tip of your tongue to the flesh just behind the two upper front teeth…

a) Breath in through your nose (mouth shut) for 4 seconds
b) Hold your breath for 6 seconds; and
c) Breath out around your tongue (remember it should be a “whooooshing” sound like Darth Vadar)

Complete 2 x 4 cycles of breath:

4 x breath cycle (1 cycle is 1 breath out/in)
4 x breath cycle (1 cycle is 1 breath out/in)

NO MORE THAN 8 CYCLES IN ON SESSION – This is a very powerful way of bringing energy into your body and you must not do more then 8 cycles per session without supervision by a breath therapist…

This will knock you the heck out quicker than any sleeping pill!!!

Fountain of Youth Found

When you take a deep breath and you make that breath slower, quieter and more regular – your blood is cleaned, purified, energised & oxygenated.  This Oxygenated blood is used to revitalise, nourish and strengthen all areas of your body and clean blood is a vital component to a healthy body, mind & spirit . This  Oxygenated blood, according to Yogi Ramacharaka (Science of Breathing), “goes out like a fresh stream from the mountains and returns as a stream of sewer water”.  So here is the thing. If you are taking shallow, noisy and rapid breaths then you have a breathing disorder. In our natural state, our hearts beat slower and we breathe quieter and deeper. Now look, I do not think that this is an actual medical term – but I do believe it is one, that will become one.  If you have a breathing disorder then your heart rate will be higher (faster), your breathing shallow & ineffective and your blood is mostly focused away from providing healing qualities to your organs. Your healing mechanism will basically be disengaged and you will become sick and prone to  disease such, as depression, cancer, anxiety and dementia etc… WHY? because your blood is like poisonous “sewage water” because when it was pumped out by your heart and into your body. It collected CO2 and other impurities in your body and returned then to the lungs for detoxification”. The lungs are responsible for around 70% of detoxification with the other 30% being detoxified through the  urinary, bowel and other detoxification systems, such as the sweat glands. Now think of this for a second. If your blood is not being cleansed, detoxified and sufficient fresh air is not being returned to your body, then you are nothing but a sewage system. Your blood gets used to not being fully Oxygenated and simply returns to your heart as dirty-blood. Your heart then pumps this dirty-blood throughout your body and your body become sicker and sicker until illness, dis-ease and eventually death occurs. Remember that your lungs also use this Oxygenated blood to help operate and heal etc… so imagine the lungs surprise when the blood returns full of toxins that now cannot be eliminated because you are not breathing deep enough. Your lungs cannot heal, which means they cannot help you and they eventually contract sickness, such as Pneumonia or lung dis-ease.  If you want to stop this cycle of lung abuse then take deeper, quieter, slower breaths and find a pattern that will allow you to create an effective breathing routine. You have to do this on a daily basis or you are wasting your precious time. This is because improper breathing relating to “Shallow Breathing Disorder” decreases the effectiveness of your immune system, creates sickness and this then shortens your life because you are slowly breaking down. So it is true that I have discovered that the “Fountain of Youth” and it is nothing, but “Effective Breathing”. It is a fountain that can be continuously used to extend your life. This fountain is within you and you have the power to heal your sickness, help others and improve your longevity. Seriously people it is not an actual fountain that you will find in some exotic and secret location surrounded by booby traps or skeletons. You will not need an ancient map or a local guide to help you find this mythological location and you will not find it in a pill! Here is the secret to finding the Fountain of Youth, you simply use your abdomen, pull a deeper breath in, release it slower and I guarantee you will LIVE LONGER because you will have discovered the fountain too.

Breathe – Believe – Become… Sid

Does it hurt when you do that?

brain stress

Does it hurt when your overwhelmed? Then why not find a quiet place, close your eyes, focus on your breath and start breathing deeper, slower, quieter and more regular (paced breathing) – do this for 5 – 10 minutes.

When we are stress our Brain is overloaded with energy and if we do not release this energy in the form of breath. It will simply follow the path you have (already) created and the stress will manifest itself in the forms of aches, pains etc… For example if you always have back problems then guess what, that’s right, you already created an electrical pathway of dealing with stress; and it is to transfer the energy to your back. Your brains excess energy has to go somewhere!

What is happening is that your Brain is becoming overwhelmed and stress is your brains way of saying to you:

“I am sick of this situation and you are doing nothing to change the outcome why do you not admit how you are truly feeling so we can all move on from this issue – please do something to change this situation”.

What your brain is trying to do is to get you to come up with a new way for you to release the excess energy – that is more open, honest and reflective of your subconscious beliefs.

However what we tend to do is ignore our stress and we say things like “it’s this bloody job or it’s my annoying husband or we make up some excuse that is “external” to us and our associated stress-issue.

Now here is a truth:- we create situations, issues and problems just so we can continue to create stress that overloads our brain with excess energy; and by stressing ourselves out we get to play the role of “victim”

The Inner-Tone of our Autonomic Nervous System will become used to this “victimhood” and it will simply beat at a rhythm that (subconsciously) operates on the basis that “this is the correct way to deal with stress”.

If you want to change this patterns then Breathe Deeper, Slower, Quieter and more Regular. Do this over an extended period of time and you will release your “excess energy” through breath (externally) and not into your body (internally).

Breathe – Believe – Become

Are you Response-Able

OK so we have had a little discussion on the future of breathing and now we return to the present where I am proud to present Sister Shivani.

My knowledge always comes to me when I am most ready to receive it and it is almost like mother earth provides me with what I need, when I need it.  This post is about responsibility or response-ability as Sister Shivani puts it.  From what I can gather Sister Shivani speaks about how situations can build pressure and this pressure leads to brain-stress.

Sister Shivani used the analogy of a motor vehicle accident and when we have conflicts, incidents, arguments and negative interactions – it is likened to a car accident.  When two cars collide you notice that one person may go off his head and another will remain calm.  Sister Shivani talks about how one has internalised the accident and becomes angry and the other has externalised. This means that one is allowing emotions to take over and his brain has released chemicals such as adrenalin into his body (he is now in a fight or flight state of being).  The other has externalised this accident and therefore allows himself to remain calm with a slow heart rate, no increase in blood pressure and is in a rest and digest state.

What Sister Shivani is talking about here is that if we begin to understand that every situation has the potential to cause an emotional accident, we can breathe into the incidents of negative interactions.  The driver who was angry is most probably used to internalising conflict and his Autonomic Nervous System is possible already in a state of fight or flight.  So it was easier for him to become frustrated, angry and stressed however the driver who was not emotional is used to a more slower inner-tone.

Our senses are what is at stake here and it just goes to show that our synthesised society creates sensory overload. This overload leads to an inability to respond to situations, as our society has already raised our collective inner tone.  If we learn to be responsible for our response to what is received through our senses – we can externalise all situations/accidents.

I was such a putts in my marriage and I was not trained how to have an ability to respond to my then wife.  She would say something to me, I would react emotional and instantly would hand over my power of self control to her.  For example when she would say “god your useless”, my belief system would kick into gear and I would take her literally.  I would think “yes your right I am useless that’s what my father used to say, what an idiot, how could I do this to her – I have let her down.  What I did was internalise all our conflicts, as that is what I was used to doing, but what is important is that I now recognise this.  Because I have now recognised that I was an emotional wreck it kinda allows me to forgive my actions for I knew not what I was doing.

So I guess my main point here is that it is so important to focus on our breath and simply by witnessing how we breath a) we take our attention away from thoughts, b) we bring awareness to our 3rd eye (which limits images becoming thoughts) and c) we remain in a relaxed or rest and digest state of being.

Being response-able is about understanding that situations comes from the physical, spiritual, psychological and emotional. Our physical is mother earth, spiritual is you, psychological is the collective belief systems and the emotional is the interaction between this belief system.

Learning to have an ability to respond to these areas in a positive manner is the lock, but the key is breathing, breathwork, breath therapy and simply focusing on your breath.  Breathe deeper, slower, quieter and make that breathing a regular pattern and you will change the quality of your thoughts.  Being response-able for is about ensuring your thoughts do not control you and it is about entering into a practice – where you become response-able for you negative thoughts.

Simply be the bouncer or your own club and stop all thoughts, ask them for I.D. and if they are not old enough, too drunk or not dressed appropriately then ask them to leave.  A thought is only a thought and practicing responsibility will limit the amount of chemicals released into your system.  You will be more objective, less emotional and retain your power for you.

A great way to start focusing on your ability to be responsive is to say “thanks brain your thinking”. By doing this you train your brain to only bring you thoughts that support you and do not attack, put you down or make you feel horrible about yourself.  However if you are unable to keep up this practice of brain-training, then cognitive enhancement can be achieved simply by focusing on your breathing.

Breath Therapy is the right thing to do for yourself, as it allows you to feel good, look good and be in control.

Breathe – Believe – Become

Live without Breathing!

Scientists have discovered particles that can oxygenated your cells and provide your respiratory system with the Synthesised Breath.

I was watching a movie about 10 years ago and I think it was the one where the humans had a lab under the sea and they created these half shark humanoids.  Anyway in this movie there was an actor who had to go way down deep, but he had run out of oxygen.  As he was running out of oxygen his masked filled up with this reddish liquid and he was told to breathe it in. As he did so he began to breath underwater or more importantly he stopped breathing AIR and the oxygen water was doing the breathing for him.

The funny thing about this is that to me I thought well he is like a fish, but my actual point to this blog post is that scientific advancements have been here for a long time.  It is just that they are not released on society until it has been tested, analysed, re-synthesised and is acceptable for human  use.

I am neither in support of or against  living without breathing, as my perception is that it exists therefore it is and I used to be such a negative person but now I think “yeah why not” – however I do have some questions.

1) If we are not breathing and are using particles to enhance our capacity to hold oxygen – then how do you slow the rate of breathing and calm the inner tone?;

2) Will we simply become calmer beings because of these particles?;

3) What are the effects of drinking or injecting synthesised oxygen?;

4) Are we create and are these new beings designed for space travel whereby we can extend the life period of a humanoid.  This extension will allow us to reach the milky way and travel throughout space but as newly evolved beings; and

5) If we continue to forcefully evolve humanity on a scientific and technological basis – do we disconnect ourselves from universal energy.

So on one hand I think “wow how amazing and look at what we are coming up with” and on the other hand I think “we are all going F#$&$^ crazy”.

- Which perception will become dominant?

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- Breathe – Believe – Become

No. 1 Breathing Technique?

The Central Nervous System is the brain and spinal chord and it is seen as the overall master nervous system.  The  Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) however is seen as a sub-system of the CNS and it is sold as the lesser component of the two.  You know I get the feeling society is saying “don’t worry about that little system, the CNS is what is important.  Yet the ANS system is responsible for bringing us vital information on our environment through our eyes, nose, ears, tongue, skin and intuition.  It is what protects us and helps us digest our food and live productive, healthy and harmonised lives.

What I am saying is that I am a believer that the Autonomic Nervous System is far more important, than our Central Nervous System.  Now I can hear you say “are you for real of course it is the most important”, well all I can say is that I do not believe that, but here is why I think this way. The ANS relates specifically to how our heart beats and this beat can be fast or slow depending on what our senses are telling us.

If we are sitting by a river, on a warm sunny day with a slight calm wind blowing, resting in the arms of the one we love, after a nice lunch – we are in what is called a “rest and digest” state. Our body is focused on digesting our food and taking in minerals, vitamins and nutrients etc… and we are disengaged from our breath.

At this time we are “Breathing Unconsciously” and this means that you do not have to think about breathing (also happens when we sleep).  Our body heart rate is slower and our breathing is deeper, quieter, slower and more regular. The opposite of this state is called the “fight or flight” response and in this condition has an accelerated heart rate and breathing is shallow, noisy, fast and irregular.  In this state we are deemed to be “Breathing Consciously ” because we are fully engaged with our breath.

Our synthesised and technological society is placing us in a constant state of “flight or fight” and over time this state of being has created – an over active inner tone. What this means is that all the loud sounds, horrible sights, tasty foods etc… are causing a sensory overload.  This overload means that we are always ready to be scared, to cry, argue, fight, run or enter into constant states of fear.

An overactive inner tone causes so many sicknesses with symptoms including anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, high blood pressure, headaches, back pain, obesity, anorexia and as a result our immune systems are breaking down.

By focusing on your breath in this manner, you enter into a form of meditation, your ANS will automatically recognise that your environment is not that scarey and it will start to relax.  This relaxation will cause our inner tone to calm and this calm will allow your body to HEAL, but you have to practice throughout the day, the week and the next month.

I am now calmer, more decisive, my headaches have disappeared – I am changing.  You too can  transform into a happier person who is able to handle any situation.

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